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At Armaan Marine Services, excellence is our priority and our exceptional staff, both onshore and at sea strives to provide our clients with optimal services, by setting the highest standards for Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental Protection and Energy Management.
Mr.JAI H. ANAND is the founder of Armaan Marine Services. He has been the pioneer of many marine endeavors in India in the field of manning, marine education, research and training. He has vast experience spanning more than 15 years in Marine field. He is a Chief Officer and has abundant background in the field of marine related activitiesever since actively advanced the agenda of sustainable and quality practices in the shipping industry.


When you mean The training,,,
You need the right professional education and training providers and that is Armaan marine services.
Armaan marine services is your complete source for Value added course for those students and professionals who are deeming to join the offshore jobs, to all seafaring professionals both afloat and ashore. One can take our affordable courses in our classrooms, at his or her flexible time, as we form a batch for each week and conduct training sessions at our premises.
Call us today to discuss your maritime career, and remember - "The key to safe boating is education"; so let's get educated and trained. The courses conducted at the Academy comply with the requirements of STCW 2010, IMO & OPITO
Training is imparted by qualified and experienced faculty members using the latest aids for practical demonstration and state of the art equipment supplemented by various books, publications, video films along with presentation aids like overhead projectors, T.V., soft copies, of required books, soft copies of publications etc. The Academy also has an extensive library consisting of all required books and publications.
At the training academy, a conducive atmosphere fostering the spirit of mutual learning between the trainees and trainers is maintained thereby leading to improved interaction between the candidates and faculty members.
Certified Institute

Our Training

Our training and development programs have been designed based on our motto of "caring, nurturing and empowering". About our Training and Development Programed AMS is continually committed to care, nurture and empower our staff through our training and development programs. Our belief in our people has resulted in a low turnover rate for the company.We have adopted a holistic approach to our training practices, in which we train our staff to be professionals who deliver


Armaan marine services envisions to reach out thousands of candidates who are aspiring and deeming to adopt Offshore / Marine jobs and pursue their career, by training and equipping them with the most needed skills and expertise.

To establish a world class Maritime Education & Training Centre

◾ To impart quality education, to all seafaring offshore professionals both afloat and ashore.
◾ To motivate the students and faculty to participate in the different research oriented programs.
◾ To provide specializedtraining programs for Offshore Industry in various subjects such as Offshore Installation Manager, Offshore Barge Master, Stability     and Ballast Control Operator, Anchor Handling and Towing Master, Offshore Safety Officer, Crane Operator, etc.
◾ To prepare students for certificate of competency examinations and to conduct periodical tests, examinations, assessments with the objective of      

    evaluation of student performance as well as the effectiveness of training programs.
◾ To provide and conduct training programs for the faculty to improve the quality of teaching.
◾ To hold Seminars/Workshops/Conferences to share and disseminate knowledge.
◾ To interact with the shipping and Offshore industry and provide necessary expertise towards resolving technical problems, understanding and

    interpretation of latest rules and regulations to carry out safety related on board training programs.

Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo all over the world. Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would come to a grinding halt!

In Merchant Navy you get an opportunity to travel around the world and the lure of adventure on the high seas, The high remunerations is one of many advantages because of it youngsters are attracted to make a career in the Merchant Navy. A career in the merchant navy is considered a glamorous job, It offers an opportunity to travel all around the globe.

A career in merchant navy is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and challenging. The merchant ships requires numbers of employees to carry out the operations. Merchant navy fleet consist of cargo ships, container ships, barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, as well as roll off/roll on ships.

Trained people are required for the three main departments of the ship: the deck, the engine and the service department. Naturally there are many career options that are available for any youngster who has dreams of joining the merchant navy.